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Our Values and Philosophy

Whitney Herrelson 

Certified Professional Midwife, Licensed Midwife 

Whitney holds a Bachelors of Science in Midwifery from the Midwives College of Utah. She is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM).

She is a Licensed Midwife with the state of Hawaii (MW-28).

Whitney began midwifery training in 2012, and has attended clinical rotations around the country and US territories gaining experience in birth centers and homebirth practices. ​

Whitney is a Neonatal Resuscitation provider through the American Heart Association.

See more about Whitney's education and experience here.

Whitney has 2 children who were born at home.

Maui Midwifery has a consulting and collaborative working relationship with Dr. Nathan Riley MD FACOG, Beloved Holistics PCA

1. Midwifery care protects body autonomy, including individuals' human, reproductive, and sexual rights to choose where, how, and with whom one gives birth.


2. Care at Maui Midwifery is inclusive. We respect individual ethnic and cultural needs and we aim to be safe providers for LGBTQIA+ individuals. We practice with a Health at Every Size philosophy of size-friendly healthcare. We are commited to anti-racism in midwifery. We support individuals' religious and spiritual needs. 

3. Midwifery care is client-centered. We believe that childbearing is a deeply individualized event in a person's life, and we recognize a person's lived experience and inner-knowledge as invaluable. Birthing people are experts in their own bodies and are therefore central decision makers when it comes to their care.

4. Midwifery care is family-centered. Supporting and encouraging involvement of a person's designated family members and/or support people, to the extent desired, in all health care experiences promotes community-building and healthy relationships. 

5. Midwifery care is low-intervention. The midwife's role is to hold space, provide guidance, and set perimeters for safety based on the best available evidence. We believe in non-intervention in normal processes, and appropriate use of interventions and technology for current or potential health problems. We are experts in non-pharmacologic pain relief measures. ​​

6. Midwifery care is trauma-informed care. Birthing people and families should be treated with loving respect during all aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum period. By providng trauma-informed care we reduce toxic stress, improve the provider-client relationship, and promote healthy outcomes.

Maui Midwifery follows the The International Childbirth Initiative (ICI)

12 Steps to Safe and Respectful MotherBaby-Family Maternity Care

Learn more about the Midwifery Model of Care here.

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